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Public Engagement

Public and patient involvement in STRAP will take the form of active consultation, listening to and involving patients and members of the public about their views on translational research.  This will be done through the patient advisory groups:

  • MPAG (MATURA Patient Advisory Group) that will be created specifically for MATURA (which is the Consortium driving the STRAP trial) called MPAG

    • The mission of MPAG is to involve patients in MATURA which is a nationwide group of academics, clinical consultants and industry groups who are jointly working towards developing tests and techniques to improve the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and also to try and predict which patients might respond better to which treatments.

    • We meet 2-3 times a year (by teleconference)

  • QMTAG (Queen Mary Trials Advisory Group) An existing advisory group within QMUL

Members will be asked, for example, for input into the development of the patient information documents required for STRAP and to discuss and comment on STRAP. 

For further information please visit the MATURA PPI page at: http://www.matura.whri.qmul.ac.uk/what_is_matura.php

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